The best home, design and interior shows to watch on Netflix right now

There are some people who are revamping and up-cycling their interiors as they stay home, then there are those of us who are watching shows about it from the sofa…

netflix shows home transformations promo
Pink palace or green shed? Work your way through these home and interior shows to inspire, amaze and even move you. Credit: Netflix

Whether we’re constantly shaking up the Feng Shui of our sitting room or we consider throwing a new cushion onto the settee ‘redecorating’, none of us can resist the charm of a before-and-after interiors show.

Practical, aspirational or downright emotional, we love a home transformation production that takes us on a real journey before the big reveal.

And as we continue to stay home – despite certain restrictions in Dubai easing up – there’s never been a better time to binge watch home makeover shows, whether we intend on ever converting that spare room into a office or not.

Here’s our favourite transformation shows on Netflix UAE right now:

Tiny House Nation

Binge-factor: Work your way through 14 episodes that are a pleasing not-too-lengthy running time of 40 minutes.

Tiny House Nation Episode One Netflix
Small on space but big on wow factor. Credit: Tiny House Nation, Netflix

If you’re ever in need of inspiration for using small spaces wisely, then this is the addictive interior show for you. Joined by expert Zack Giffin (professional skier and contractor that built his very own tiny ski lodge), host John Weisbarth travels around the United States in a bid to help people customised their limited space to create a (you guessed it) tiny house that’s big on wow-factor.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Binge-factor: 12 episodes ranging between 40 minutes to one hour. Because who needs uniformity?

The World's Most Extraordinary Home. Credit: Netflix
If you’re really into isolation, this is the cabin for you. Credit: The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, Netflix

Well, the give away is kind of in the title here. It might not be the show to watch if you’ve got your pen and paper at the ready for genuine, applicable tips, but it you need something to loosen your jaw this might do the trick. Go around the world – from Spain to New Zealand to Norway – with presenters with Caroline Quentin (actress and property developer) and Piers Taylor (award-winning architect) as they seek out innovative designs in extreme locations.

Amazing Interiors

Binge-factor: 12 episodes each under half an hour – the perfect lunchtime watch.

Amazing Interiors Netflix Pink Palace
A subtle touch of pink never did anyone any harm, right? Credit: Amazing Interiors, Netflix

Once again, the give away is in the name here. If you’re more into the interior design than architectural structure, then set aside 28 minutes for this Netflix Original series that reveals the weird and wondering lurking within the seemingly ordinary. Each episode features three different houses (more bang for your buck) – one that takes you on a journey and two ready-to-go homes that are equally marvellous. Rooms can vary too, with spaces such as bunkers and basements put forward for show.

Stay Here

Binge-factor: Eight episodes that are just over 30 minutes – but this is definitely ‘watch for four hours straight in bed on a Saturday morning’ material.

Netflix Stayhere Firehouse DC Bedroom
Watch an old firehouse in Washington DC be transformed. Credit: Stay Here, Netflix

Watch as interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer catch up with property owners across the United States who need to give their short-term rental properties some TLC. Each episode, the duo help them turn the space into a real moneymaker. And it’s not always your standard rental apartment in a tall building block – with the likes of a houseboat undergoing a transformation in one episode and historic firehouse being revamped in another.

Grand Designs

Binge-factor: 17 episodes taken from the colossal archive, each with an approximate 45 minute running time.

We love this modern design overlooking the River Thames. Credit: Grand Designs, Netflix

Who doesn’t know and love Grand Designs? Still, it’s worth reminding all the interior and architecture heads out there that it’s currently available to stream on Netflix – hurrah! And while more than 200 episodes have aired since the show began in 1999 (each featuring running presenter Kevin McCloud) just a snippet of the elaborate, unusual and well, grand home designs are available for streaming. Favourites in the line up include a home inspired by an ammonite shell which proves to be one of the shows most challenging structures to date and the journey of one minimalist couple as they attempt to create a sustainable zero-carbon house.

Interior Design Masters

Binge-factor: Eight episode ranging between 40-50 minutes to get us on the edge of our seats.

Watch wannabe interior designers battle it out for an opportunity to collaborate with a London hotel. Credit: Interior Design Masters, Netflix

Ever considered a career change into the world of interior design? Then let this competition reality show be a taster as to what the world of wacky wallpaper and kitsch cushion covers is really all about. With Fearne Cotton as their host, contestants work through different interior challenges each week – decorating a hotel under the theme ‘chocolate’, transforming a dull dorm room into bright yet compact abode – as judge Michelle Ogundehin and changing panel assess.

Queer Eye

Binge-factor: 32 glorious episodes – including a separate ‘We’re in Japan’ miniseries – averaging at 50 minutes a piece.

Low bed with plants on bedside table and yellow pillows
The Fab Five are just that, but it’s the meaningful interior inspo we can’t resist. Credit: Queer Eye, Netflix

If you haven’t binged your way through every episode of Queer Eye yet then 1) where have you been and 2) you’re in for a treat. Yes, the show is made up of the Fab Five –Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Bobby Berk – road-tripping around to overhaul individuals’ lives from head to toe, but it’s Bobby’s work that most often leaves us both in awe and tears. When he transforms a room, home, or community centre, it’s the meaning behind the beautiful and practical space that will leave you feeling both inspired and tearful.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Binge-factor: Eight episodes between 35 and 50 minutes that will leave you with days worth of decluttering tasks.

Marie Kondo sitting in front of bed on Netflix show
Watch other peoples’ homes be transformed, and take on some tips for getting to work on yours. Credit: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, Netflix

Another one that many of us will probably already worked our way through this, but now is a better than ever to be inspired once again to declutter, organise and make steps towards a more minimalist life. Watch as Marie Kondo – organisation consultant and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – works her way through peoples’ homes, helping them clear out, clean up and let go of items that do not spark joy. There are plenty of hands-on tips filtered throughout every episode, too. And if you fall in love with the show, get excited as a new series from the cleaning guru is on the way.

Head to Netflix to add the above shows to your list and get watching.

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