Interior design trends 2021: Dubai designers reveal the biggest looks for the year ahead

We caught up with five local design experts to hear their style predictions for the trends we should be adopting this year

The Loom collection
The Loom Collection photographed by Natalee Cocks

After spending a lot of time in our homes during 2020, this year brings a refreshed design lens to the spaces we live in. With the mass revival of interior decorating and renovating set to continue, it’s our lifestyle that is dictating the way our homes (and Instagram feeds) will look. Forecasting the trends that should be on your radar are the Dubai-based style experts who have their finger on the interior pulse.

Tactile design 

Pallavi Dean, Founder and Creative Director of Design by Roar 

The pandemic has deprived us of one of our most important senses; touch. In response to that, it has become increasingly important to make use of rich, textured materials that bring tactility to the interior palette. Plus, as home is now where we live, work, exercise and teach our children, this year will see a demand for improved acoustics to accommodate different users in one space. Adding different layers of textures can really help improve how sound travels. 

How: The obvious options are rugs, cosy furniture and upholstered surfaces, but undulated finishes on walls or elements that feature depth can also muffle noise and add warmth. There are great products on the market, such as the Kvadrat clouds or soft cells – adding these as light features or wall panelling will allow you to sound-proof any space in style. 

Back to Nature

Lindsay Campbell Crafts, Blogger and stylist at Love in a Home

Natural fibers, dried floral arrangements, soft cottons and linen are going to have a serious moment on our Instagram feeds this year. Nature has invaded the home, and it is here to stay. By adding just a touch of this relaxed, ‘imperfect’ trend you can add a depth to your interiors. 

How: Jute floor cushions are fantastic for in or outdoors (check-out Bound No.82 for these) along with rattan and linen furniture. Add some large pampas grass or dried flowers to a clay vase, and you’ll have the trend sussed. Creased unbleached linen curtains are a bold addition, and yes, the more creased the better with this trend. 

Luxurious Neutrals 

Cynthia Salloum, Home Stylist from White Haven Decor 

After spending time decluttering last year, this year it’s about making our homes feel more refined using high-quality materials and soft hues. A muted palette – think beige, light brown and light grey – is going to be on trend in 2021 as it brings peace in stressful situations. 

How: Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone. Marble is a great way to elevate a room while ramping up the chic-factor. I recommend keeping your accessories to a minimum and sticking to hues of black and white to keep the classy tone running throughout.  

Transitional spaces 

Matt A Matouk, Head of Design at MDO Landscap

As most people have been doing practically everything at home for nearly a year, creating a natural flow between indoors and outdoor will not only maximize the home’s space, but it will also give a much-needed boost of well-being. By using biophilic design, you can increase your connectivity to nature through architecture. 

How: For a seamless transition between outdoors and indoors, try approaching the garden as if it were an extension of your living room. Having the same flooring can really help with this. Plus, adding a folding glass doors and windows, will help create a seamless integration between the two.

Retro Minimalism 

Amy Mill, Founder of Custom No.9 

Prepare to see minimal form combined with retro shapes and materials. We’re predicting lots of shapes and angles, with age-old materials like cane still on their comeback growth curve. Less is going to continue to be more, and we think this marriage of nostalgia and modernity will be key in 2021. 

How: To achieve the retro minimalism look, focus on the feature pieces. Choose dining tables, desks and beds that will make a statement in the home, then complement them with softer furnishings and materials. Custom No.9’s Joni dining table works well as it embraces a sleek curved steel frame and 60s style terrazzo. 

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