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Tiling your bathroom? Everything you need to know before getting started

Lay the foundations for a beautiful bathroom with our need-to-know guide on choosing the right design

bathroom tiles
It’s time to make the most of tiles with these unique bathroom design ideas

Hear the phrase ‘bathroom tiles’ and the usually excitable interior addict living inside you might just shrug. They’re dull, dreary and mostly just a practical styling element, right? Well in 2020, ordinary bathroom tiles have undergone a makeover of recent to be anything but; patterned, colourful and creative tiles are in vogue, and they’re the perfect way to make a style statement in your washroom.

If you’re inspired to takes to the walls with the ceramic squares, here’s what the experts have to say about doing it right.

Do the sums

If the expense is great, save of cash and splurge on style by only tiling a section of your bathroom

“Start by setting your budget, as once you know how much you want to spend you’ll be able to select from a variety of tiles within your price range,” says Dan Charter, director, The House of Tiles. “Generally speaking, ceramic is the most affordable whereas natural stone is the most expensive.”

“The cost of tiles and installation costs will be significantly more than a plaster and painted wall, so if you need to save, keep it simple by tiling to half wall height where possible,” adds Martin Hibbit, managing director of Another Level. “This also gives you some painted wall areas that offer a chance to add or change colour styles as and when you feel the need.”

Design details

Select your larger items before heading to the tile shop. “It’s best to decide upon colour scheme for your furniture and vanity, and then you can incorporate the colour and texture from your tiles,” advises Dan.

“Currently, the majority of my clients are selecting a stone-look tile,” says Martin. “However, as a general rule, you should try to keep to your home’s feel and style. If an ultra-modern bathroom doesn’t suit the villa, for instance, then we would favour a more rustic looking tile. Grey and sand (beige or off white) are the hues being used most commonly by our clients.”

Where to buy

Be aware of space when taking to tiles

“The biggest tile supplier in the region is RAK Ceramics and budget-wise they are very good,” says Martin. “We also work a lot with BAGNODESIGN Dubai materials. Other shops such as Ceramic City and Arabuild have good options too.

Be space aware

bathroom with cream tiles
Tiles can work around existing bathroom designs

When it comes to layout, be conscious of your space. “Mirrored tiles can make the room feel bigger while floor-to-ceiling tiles can make the room appear taller,” says Dan. If you’ve got a small bathroom, you should also note that the current trend for layouts such as chevron is exactly what will work.

“Choosing a smaller tile versus a larger one will help to make a smaller space look larger,” says Martin. “So if you think a standard 60×60 or 60×30 may not work so well, see if the tile you like is available in a 30×30 version.”

And don’t forget the finishing touches. “Grout is always the last piece of the puzzle, but the shade that’s the nearest match to the tile is the one most of our clients end up selecting,” says Martin. 

Golden rules

bathroom with blue tiles
Be sure to check your contractors credentials before agreeing on any tiling work

Check your contractor’s credentials. “We have so many ways of viewing designs and styles now that it’s important to do your research,” says Martin.

“Look online and come to an agreement on which direction you are heading. Being able to provide a wish list of sorts will help your contractor help you find the right tiles, as simply heading off to tile shops may end up leaving you even more confused. Lastly, always ask for a discount once you have found the right tile. The price can differ per store for some well-known suppliers.

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