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The comeback of terrazzo flooring, and why we’re here for it

Terrazzo is back on the radar, and it’s easier than you may think to introduce to your home

Terrazzo floor pink walls bedroom designs george asda
Terrazzo flooring has made a comeback and it’s here to stay. Credit: George at Asda

What was once a popular flooring in the 1970s has reinvented itself as a cool alternative to marble, granite, concrete and more. Indeed, terrazzo is riding a wave of popularity, with its multi-coloured, speckled design appealing to anyone who wants to build more colour into their home.

What’s more, its modern-day incarnation has gone beyond the humble floor tile and made its way onto everything from soft furnishings to kitchen countertops and even wallpaper.

Here are some easy ways to make it work for you:

George Home at Asda,
Credit: George at Asda

Work from the floor up

“While terrazzo is traditionally used for flooring, you can definitely include a nod to the trend without ripping up your tiles,” enthuses interior stylist Ash Young.

terrazzo wall and floor bathroom oranges and yellow
Go floor to wall with terrazzo design if you so desire. Credit: Instagram | @savitrici

“There’s a host of terrazzo inspired furnishings and accessories ranging from wallpaper and rugs to lamps and kitchenware, meaning that it can appear anywhere in your home.”

Complement your existing interiors

“Some versions of terrazzo are neutral in colour and subtle in design, while others are more vibrant, so it can work within a wide variety of decorative styles and colour stories,” says Ash. 

Selections of terrazzo tiles in different colours
Terrazzo tiles come in all hues. Credit: Instagram | @thespace_stories

“Simple white terrazzo will add a sophisticated detail to a pared-back, neutral scheme. Brightly coloured terrazzo can be used to make a statement of its own, or as an unfitting element tying together a space featuring several colours.”

Shop size and shape

“Terrazzo offers unlimited flexibility in terms of design,” says Karen Pissarra of Dubai-based interior design studio DESIGN K. “The chips can be either small or large, thus creating different looks. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, durable and long-lasting. 

George Home at Asda,, bed, bedroom, plant
George Home at Asda,

Think big

“Terrazzo flooring is a awesome option for any bathroom. Make a statement or opt for small pattern design and subtle colours to ensure you don’t over do it,” says Karen.

“A terrazzo staircase can make a beautiful statement. Choose a larger pattern design and more vibrant colours, which’ll be visually better in a smaller area. Lastly, a kitchen counter in a vibrant terrazzo pattern would make a great textural compliment to a minimalistic kitchen.”

Timber cabinet over terrazzo floor and wall tiles
You don’t have to commit to bold and bright colours to bring terrazzo into your home.
Credit: Instagram | @sydney_tiles

Add accents

“The perfect way to incorporate terrazzo into your home, without overdoing it, is by adding it as accents in various ways, using subtle colours,” says Karen.

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