This is how to expand your living space without paying for an extension

Your Space X B Living UAE │Make the most of your garden this summer with an outdoor room from Your Space

Not only do the Your Space rooms add living area, they look fabulous too.

Whether you’re dreaming of an at-home gym or a secluded work-from-home office area, an extension to your home has surely crossed your mind. But did you know there’s a solution that’ll save you money, time and hassle? Your Space LLC is a garden room company that supplies a unique way to add extra space. A homegrown business, set up by a husband-and-wife designer and architect team, the concept is simple. It’s a stylish, climate controlled outdoor room that you can do whatever you like with.

How is a Your Space room installed?

The installation process is quick, easy and mess-free. It has been designed to give UAE residents the chance to expand their living space without undergoing a huge renovation. Arriving in parts, the light-weight room is assembled by the Your Space team in under three weeks with the electricity and air conditioning ready to go. For an even easier option, the ‘Plug & Play’ unit arrives ready built, on-wheels and ready to be plugged in to a socket.

What are the eco-credentials of a Your Space room?

Crafted with expert insulation gained from years of experience working with hotel freezers, each Your Space room is naturally environmentally sensible. They’re also designed to be highly energy efficient so that your electricity bill won’t sky rocket.

What can you do with a Your Space garden room?

Whether it’s a home gym, office, maid’s room or guest bedroom, the possibilities are open-ended! The units can be plumbed in to have their own bathroom or to house washing machines, so you really can create a room that’s useful to you. Allowing you to choose a room to suit your needs, the standard units have four style options in three different sizes. Alternatively, you can design a custom space with help of the expert team. The only thing they can’t help you decide is how to use Your Space, so here are a couple of ideas:

Home gym

This option is ideal for those who love to keep fit but who want to save time heading to and from the gym everyday. Installing a Your Space room in the garden means you’ve got a perfectly chilled area away from the distractions of the house to pump out the tunes and get your sweat on. The decking space out the front is the perfect spot for some sunrise yoga or a post run stretching session.

Home office

With work-from-home the new normal, putting your office into the garden is a great space-saving hack. With the sizes customisable, you can design a room that’s big enough for two desks, one with a reading corner to look over documents in comfort. The ‘Plug & Play’ is a great option for an office as it can be moved around the garden or from villa to villa.

Spare bedroom

A Your Space spare bedroom render drawing
Add another room onto your home without a laborious extension process.

If you’ve got guests coming to stay and the pull-out sofa bed just isn’t going to cut it, a Your Space bedroom is the ideal solution. As the rooms can be plumbed with their own ensuite bathroom, visitors will be afforded privacy, without hefty hotel bills. You can go as big or as small as you like depending on the space in your garden.

To enquire about getting your own call +971 509 186 913 or visit yourspaceuae.com.

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