Crate and Barrel’s space saving furniture hacks for small homes

5 ways to maximise design without compromising on space in your apartment

Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel set the new season trends with three new beautiful collections. Image | Supplied

Providing high design solutions for even the smallest of living set-ups, Crate and Barrel’s new collections have been designed with city living in mind. Those living in apartments may not have the luxury of space – which is usually what affords room for creative opportunity – but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise when achieving a stylish look.

The American brand’s latest drop of seasonal homeware (see our round-up of it here), has been created with urban dwelling in mind. There’s the Trove collection which channels Copenhagen’s bold and fresh style using pastel hues and functional styles. While the Urban Retreat range is made from of soothing sea shades, soft curves and cushioning fabrics that come together to provide a soothing answer to metropolitan living. And the New Deco collection which puts a modern spin on the classic deco trend, using a chic monochrome colour palette.

When styling up your small space, here are five tips for maximising your square footage, whilst crafting a design-savvy home:

Give the room depth by using black and white shades

New Deco by Crate and Barrel
New Deco by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

Despite what you may think, monochrome colours – yes, even black – can help to create the illusion of more space in a room. White is known for creating a sense of openness but when paired with darker hues, the shades work harmoniously to add layers of dimension.

The New Deco range, which has been crafted with apartments in mind, combines both tones for a striking contrast.

Add a room divider to create distinctions in the space

New deco room divider
New Deco by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

When you’re working within a limited area, room dividers help to create definition and give a distinct purpose. Whether that be separating the living area from your bedroom in a studio, or cornering off your desk to create an office in the dining room.

The Anaise Cane Room Divider Screen (pictured) – a design feat on its own accord – is a classy way to divide up a room.

Choose pieces with sleek silhouettes and round edges

The Rouelle Channel Tufted Sofa by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

Create a flow between furniture by choosing pieces that have curve and bend to fit your space. The Urban Retreat collection’s welcoming silhouettes make for comfortable living choices. Opting for round edges in a small space gives a gentler finish to a room. The Fayette Marble Top Bar Cabinet and Rouelle Channel Tufted Sofa (pictured) help to bring a soft feel.

Opt for Mid-century pieces which are space conscious choices

New Deco by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

Raised furniture with pegs legs not only physically takes up less space, but also work as an optical illusion as you can see the light beneath them – meaning, of course, that you’ll need to keep it clean. Crate and Barrel’s New Deco range has been designed to just that.

The lifted Josephine Sofa is perfect for a living room that isn’t afforded the luxury of space. And when paired with the Valter Gunmetal Drink Table you’re guaranteed a stylish take on modern living.

Select stylish pieces as in a small space everything is a design choice

The sculpt chair Crate and Barrel
The sculpt chair by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

When you’re choosing furniture for an apartment, every piece should have strong design credentials so that you’re able to achieve a put together look overall. Do this by selecting well-designed furniture pieces and accessories.

The sculpt chair is a style conscious choice, even in small spaces.

Add pops of colour through accessories

The Trove colourful plates
The Trove collection by Crate and Barrel for Fall 2020. Image | Supplied

While it might not be advisable to throw colour around too recklessly in an apartment, that doesn’t mean colour pops should be off the table all together. The Trove collection has been designed for contemporary living, with funky shapes and playful hues, the fun range of dinnerware make small space entertaining fresh, without stealing the show.

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