Advice for choosing the right doors for your home

Whether you want to reveal or conceal a space, selecting the right internal door is key

If you’re looking to make an impact with your entryways, save space, or maximise the light in your home, choosing the right style of door can help you achieve your goal.

A doorway should introduce each space as you move from room-to-room, while being functional and stylish at the same time. Here are some options we rate…

Pocket doors

Kaiser Kitchens modern design
Kaiser Kitchens

How it works: Using a wheel-and-track system, the door slides out of sight into a hollow cavity in the adjacent wall. 

Perfect for: Cramped rooms or anywhere a hinged door won’t fit. Unlike swinging doors, which encroach on a room when opening and closing, pocket (also known as cavity) doors don’t obstruct furniture or impede on the floor or space. Go for a full steel construction, which eliminates issues with humidity. 

Tip: Seek out exactly what you desire for your space. “We had this barn door made from scratch,” says interior stylist Ash Young, referring to the stunning entrance to her Kaiser kitchen in her DAMAC Hills family villa. Its rustic look introduces the cosy space and makes a lovely divide between the living room and kitchen.

Barn doors

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya, via Pexels

How it works: Barn doors are usually made from one or two large wooden panels, hung from a heavy bar mounted above the floor, either by inches or by a foot or more, depending on where they are used.

Perfect for: Just like a pocket door, a barn door slides out of the way instead of being swung open, meaning no usable space is lost. What’s more, these doors are virtually noiseless, as long as their rollers and track are kept well lubricated.

Tip: The only limiting factors are weight and what your wall will support for hardware before buckling so make sure you call in a professional


Image via Pexels

How it works: Comprising a series of individual folding door panels, which can open inwards or outwards, bi-fold doors can be pushed to one, or both sides.

Perfect for: Choose these doors when you want to reduce noise, hide the contents of pantries and closets or separate rooms. Glass bi-folds are great
for the back of the house.

TIP: Choose an internal door that will enhance the sense of flow in your home

Dubai real home solution

Hacker Kitchens and Origins Doors and Windows

Brief: To create a stylish kitchen, with an extension into the garden that creates a huge space for the family to enjoy. 

Location: Victory Heights

Company: Hacker Kitchens and Origin doors and windows

The details: In order to meet the brief, it was important to create a sense of flow between the kitchen and the garden. The Origin bi-fold doors ensure the space is light and airy, beautifully bringing the outside in. Hacker Kitchens used gloss white handless cabinets, while the central island, with its Silestone worktop in Black ‘Volcano’, add contrast. Lighting is used to pull the design together, making the island a focal point. 

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