Bathroom fans rejoice – a huge luxury bathroom showroom is set to open in Abu Dhabi

Luxury sanitaryware and tiles brand Casa Milano is expanding to open a new showroom in Abu Dhabi

The new showroom will open in Abu Dhabi later this year

If you’ve been on the fence about giving your bathroom a redesign, then wait a little longer – Casa Milano is launching their second showroom in the UAE at the end of the year. Following the growth of their Dubai showroom over the last two years, the brand will be catering to 360-degree luxury bathroom requirements at the showroom that will be opened in Abu Dhabi. The brand new showroom is set to have a grand opening, and if you’re a fan of luxurious bathroom designs, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Luxury at the heart of your home. Image credits| Casa Milano

Apart from tending to elegant and sophisticated bathroom designs, Casa Milano’s new showroom will be much larger than the Dubai store and provide landscaping and pool services from now on. A new division catering to kitchens and home decor will also be introduced.

In a statement released by the brand, Mohammed Azhar Sajan, director at Casa Milano said, “We are thrilled to open our second showroom in Abu Dhabi, which is colossal compared to the present showroom. This time we are going beyond luxury sanitaryware; beautifying outdoor spaces with our new division called landscaping & pool services along with Parquet.”

By Mabel Roy

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