Better Living and Cosentino invited three of Dubai’s most influential women to talk success secrets

For International Women’s Day 2020, Better Living Magazine teamed up with Cosentino to find out the secrets of success from a selection of Dubai’s most influential businesswomen

A panel was hosted at Cosentino in collaboration with Better Living magazine to celebrate successful women

On International Women’s Day a panel of prominent local females gathered to discuss the secrets of their success. The panel took place at the Cosentino showroom in partnership with Better Living magazine to celebrate each of their unique achievements and to share their secrets with the audience. Moderating the panel was Co-Owner and Managing Director of Hot Media, Victoria Thatcher.

Arabian Ga
Hanan Mazouzi Sobati shares her advice

Find your passion

Hanan Mazouzi Sobati, Founder, Arabian Gazelles, Female-only Supercar Group

Hanan is a trailblazer in the automotive industry having set up Arabian Gazelles, the UAE’s supercar group for women. Now with over 100 members and a strong online following, the group has revolutionized motoring for females in the region.

“Remember that the journey for searching for what motivates you is just as important as finding it. Once you’ve found your passion, you’ll be a happier person and when sharing it with the world you’ll be even happier. Through my interest in super cars I’ve been able to banish assumptions about women who drive fast cars and to connect with females with over 20 different nationalities. Empowerment comes in so many different levels.”

Candice talking to the audience about her corporate success

Be yourself and don’t let society put you into boxes

Candice D’Cruz, VP Luxury Brands, MENA, Marriot International

Candice is responsible for a portfolio of eight luxury hospitality brands at Marriott International, one of the few women to hold such a position in the Middle East.

“Working in this industry, there are lots of clichés about what luxury should look like. So, throughout my career walking into rooms full of men as a five-foot nothing female I’ve found myself having to prove myself. In the luxury world packaging is very important but owning the substance behind that packaging is even more important to be taken seriously. You define yourself.”

Zahra Abdalla shares her wisdom

Cultivate resilience because effort is more important than your qualifications

Zahra Abdalla, Author, TV Chef and Founder, Zahra’s Kitchen

Zahra is a TV personality, food blogger at Cooking with Zahra and author who works from her home studio where she develops and creates modern interpretations of Middle Eastern cuisine, and delicious traditional Arabic and Iranian food.

“When I was younger, I thought you were either inherently smart or naturally good at sport but now I see its determination that gets you places. I used to feel unconfident in my ability as a chef as I didn’t train to be one but since writing my book and being recognised for my ability I see that my passion and hard work means I can do anything.”

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