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The best juicers to invest in – depending on your juicing needs and wants

Want to increase your intake of health-boosting fresh juices? We’ve got just the appliance for you

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See your daily diet embrace rainbow shades once you invest in a worthy juicer

If you’re wondering whether you should choose a centrifugal or a slow (aka masticating) juicer, consider what you want to juice and how long you want it to last.

Centrifugal juicers are fast, easy to use and clean. However, oxidation resulting from their great speed can cause a loss in nutrients in the juice and reduce fridge life. A slow juicer requires more prep time (their small chute means you have to pre-cut everything before feeding) but are usually multifunctional, serving as a food processor and a grinder.

Plus, as there is no heat to destroy the enzymes, they make the best juicers for leafy greens. If you only want cold-pressed citrus fruit juices, choose a citrus juicer for fast results.

The best juicers according to your needs

The Stylish One

Smeg Dolce & Gabbana at Robinsons
Smeg Dolce & Gabbana at Robinsons

Bring some quintessential Italian style to your kitchen with this designer citrus fruit juicer. Just hold the halved fruit on the reamer for the 80W motor to kick in and the juicy goodness will trickle out of the drip-free stainless steel spout. Citrus Juicer, Dhs2,470*, Smeg Dolce & Gabbana at Robinsons.

The Hi-tech Whiz

NUC by Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820 red Dhs1950
NUC by Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820, red, Dhs1950

The fifth generation cold juice presser from Kuvings is now even easier to use and more durable. It allows different ingredients to mix together for a balanced juice, has a dual safety lock and a powerful 240W motor. EVO820 Whole Slow Juicer, Dhs1,950*, Kuvings at Tavola.

The Smooth Operator

Breville Froojie juicer fountain, Dhs 1949, Better Life
Breville Froojie juicer fountain, Dhs 1949, Better Life

Fancy a dessert coulis or a dairy-free smoothie? With its targeted soft fruit disc, this one’s patented juicing system has five speeds and an automatic pulp ejection so you can get creative with your juicing. Froojie Fountain, Dhs1,949*, Breville at Better Life.

The Breakfast King

Citrus Juicer with hand press, Dhs 220.5, Arshia
Citrus juicer with hand press, Dhs 220.5, Arshia

Ease your morning rush with this direct-serve juicer. Perfect for freshly squeezed orange juice, it has an anti-drip sealable spout that can be flipped up to stop the flow of juice. Citrus Juicer with hand press, Dhs220.50*, ARSHIA. Available from Dari Home.

The Family Favourite

Bosch Juicer MES3500GB, Dhs379
Bosch Juicer MES3500GB, Dhs379

The motor for this powerful appliance only runs if it is assembled correctly with the lid closed. It also has two speeds for hard and soft fruit and an extra large filling tube so you can chuck in your uncut fruit and veg for a quick and easy juice. Juice extractor MES3500, Dhs379*, Bosch.

*Prices of all the featured products are as per January 2019

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