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Before and after: Kitchen organisation competition with IKEA

IKEA X B Living UAE │Tidymess headed to a kitchen in Layan to whip it into shape using IKEA products

Tidymess put her signature stamp on the kitchen

Although it’s at the top of many of our to-do lists, actually getting round to organsing the kitchen cupboards and drawers is harder than one might think. Knowing that it’s a task many of us would like a helping hand with, B Living UAE teamed up with IKEA and Tidymess to give one Dubai-resident the chance to have their kitchen organised with Dhs1000 worth of IKEA products.

The competition winner was a busy mum living in Layan. During the first consultation it was clear that she had made a decent attempt at organising her food and utensils, but like so many of our own, it wasn’t really working for her practically. Noticing the flaws in the organisation right away, Salam from Tidymess made a plan of action, “although there were already boxes, jars, and shelves, there was no flow to how it actually works,” the tidying expert explains. The main part of the project focused on streamlining the large walk-in pantry so that it would work better for a hectic family lifestyle. The spice cupboard and pot lids also received a Marie Kondo tidy-up so that they’re easier to use and maintain.



Starting in the pantry, Salam installed two JONAXEL SHELVING units and used a combination of KNAGGLING and KUGGIS boxes to create a system that works. “Before, the pantry had a mix of Tupperware, pans, and food items spread out on the shelves,” says Salam. “We started by taking all the food items out of the kitchen that don’t go in the fridge and organised them within the pantry.”

Having all the food items in one place means that the family can see exactly what they have and are less likely to buy repeats, plus it makes the cooking process more streamlined. Creating a uniform look, Salam used IKEA’S 365 JAR W/ LID to decant the family’s dry food into.

The spices


Previously the spices were in a small cupboard next to the stove, which worked in terms of location, but it was less functional in terms of finding the products. In order to create a spice draw, Salam used IKEA SPICE JARS and SPICE INSERTS so they could lay flat. The finishing touch was labeling each of the jars, which, as well as being practical, makes the spice collection particularly Insta-worthy. “We left the oils and vinegars next to the stove because they’re useful when cooking,” explains Salam.

Pots and pans


The pots and pans were relatively organised within the pantry but Salam wanted to improve the utility of the set-up. “Since we wanted to make use of the entire space, we were still able to leave her pots and pans in the pantry area as they’re quite bulky and her cabinets were small,” she explains. The professional organiser then used two LID ORGANIZER‘s to stack the pot lids in size order. This makes both the cooking and putting away process easier for the family as they know exactly where each item goes.

The result

By reworking the pantry, Salam was able to create a system that works. Everything has a place and is neatly displayed using a variety of IKEA’s storage solutions which are both practical and pretty. Now that the food storage has been better organised, the kitchen cupboards are more spacious and there’s a flow to the system.

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