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Bathrooms by design 

Make your bathroom a haven for relaxation with award-winning design insight from Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard

“The bathroom isn’t only all about function and deserves to be a well-designed space, whether you want to create a room that works for all the family, reimagine a five-star hotel experience from your travels, or step into a spa-inspired retreat.

To start things off, it’s important to prioritise and plan the layout. If your bathroom is a compact space, think about the essential elements first before layering in other design features. For a bigger space, you have free rein to look beyond the basics and let your imagination run wild. 

If you love a spa experience then consider a shower that comes with integrated colour-changing lights for the ultimate customisable mood enhancer. If bath time is your way to destress then a grey stone effect extra-long bath adds instant drama and delivers a luxury bathing experience.

Quality is paramount. Bathrooms are high-usage areas and require an appropriate budget. Take the time to search for high-quality brands and products that offer guaranteed high performance and durability, as well as meet the design criteria you are looking for. After all, there has to be a balance between functionality and design, as you want this to be a room that you enjoy using and one that performs on every level.

One aspect of bathroom design that is often forgotten is adequate storage. Accessibility and practicality are critical, from sleek vanity units with built-in shelving to floating shelves and over-door solutions for small spaces. Above all, you want to maximise space and incorporate clever storage ideas that blend seamlessly with the overall design and aesthetic.

Colour and material choices are just as important to bring the space together. You can’t go wrong with timeless materials, a neutral colour palette and classic designs.

The finishing touch is to add your own personality into the space with thoughtful accessories and touches that complement you dream bathroom design.”

More than a showroom
Head to the Ideal Standard Design & Specification Centre in Dubai’s vibrant City Walk district. A one-stop bathroom solutions destination, see the latest product designs and innovations and pick up some inspiration for your remodelling project. Speak to the experienced team who can offer a wealth of advice on planning and design and talk you through the latest trends and technologies.

On-trend but evergreen
Bathroom design trends evolve, but some elements stand the test of time.

1. Natural inspiration. Incorporate natural materials such as stone, wood, and greenery to create a calming, spa-like vibe.
2. Neutral colours. Timeless white, beige, grey and other neutral tones are the perfect blank canvas on which to introduce different design styles. Plus, they are less likely to quickly feel dated. 
3. Minimalist fixtures. Opt for streamlined, minimalist fixtures with timeless appeal that also help maximise available space.
4. Smart technology. Consider integrating smart technology like smart taps that can dispense both water and soap.

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