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Adriana Kostic, Head of Marketing and Interior Expert at Pan Home, shares her top tips for a smooth move, and more

Map your move
Before moving in, take room measurements and map out how you want to arrange your furniture, or download one of the readily available handy design apps. This will help you visualise the space and ensure a well-organised and comfortable living area.  

Measure up
Easily overlooked, it’s critical to measure the width of your new apartment or villa doors so that you can give the movers a heads up if that heirloom kitchen dresser won’t fit through. If you’re moving into an apartment block, it’s also a wise move to check the elevator capacity and, if available, ask to use the service elevator to move extra-large furniture pieces.

Plan, plan, plan 
If you’ve ordered brand-new furniture, don’t forget to confirm the delivery date with the company well in advance and make sure someone is present to oversee the delivery and any required assembly.

Clean slate
The whole moving process can be extremely messy. Book a cleaning team for the move and have them deep clean your new home from top to bottom before you arrive, and also clean your old place before handing the keys back.  

Handyman on call
Have a trusted electrician, plumber and handyman on standby to help with any lighting installation, washing machine plumbing and general odd jobs that may crop up.

ID check
Things can easily get lost during a home move so protect important documents by packing them separately and transferring them personally between houses.

Consider your home’s orientation when making décor decisions with north-facing rooms tending to be cooler and benefiting from warmer-toned furnishings while south-facing rooms offer more natural light. Paint or wallpaper your walls to complement your furniture to create a cohesive interior. 

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