5 easy ways to disinfect your home

Spring cleaning heeds a new meaning this year. Put your mind at ease by implementing a stricter daily cleaning routine

woman cleaning her bathroom sink
Assess what type of cleaning products you are using in your home

Add some disinfectant products to your cleaning cupboard:

Look for wipes, sprays and concentrates that say the word “disinfectant” on the label. Anything from Detol and Clorax are sound choices. Or, you can create your own with a quarter-cup of household chlorine bleach mixed with one gallon of cool water. Use these in addition to your regular cleaning routine for more effective results.

Clean frequently touched surfaces daily: 

Though the corona virus is mostly spread through respiratory droplets in the air, there is evidence to suggest it can be transmitted via surfaces. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning the most frequently touched places in your home. This includes doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, handles, desks, tables, sinks, toilets and countertops. For best practice disinfect these surfaces daily.

Keep your surfaces clean and uncluttered like Karen from Design K has in her minimalist style kitchen

Sanitise your clothes:

You can use a capful of bleach along with your regular detergent in a white wash and use a colour-safe bleach in with your colours. If your washing machines has a sanitize or steam setting choose that before drying your load in the dryer or leaving them out in the sun to dry.

Disinfect your tablets and phones:

Start by removing the case. Be careful about using disinfectant wipes as over time they can affect your phones touch screen ability. Using a microfibre cloth along with a mix of warm and soapy water will do the trick. Don’t saturate your phone in liquid – especially around the button and entrance ports. Use a dry cloth to remove the moisture promptly.

Give your dishes a through clean:

Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. Ditch your sponge in favour of a silicone brush which can be cleaned easier. Most dishwashers have a sanitising cycle but if not, set the final rinse temperature to reach 65 degrees.

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