Why you should be investing in bespoke furniture

Furniture designer Amy Mill tells us why we should be ditching generic furniture items in favour of custom designed items that we love

Amy from Custom No.9 styling her bespoke tables
Amy from Custom No.9 styling her bespoke tables

In the age of affordable furniture options it can be easy to buy simple flat-pack pieces. Amy Mill, owner and designer at Custom No.9, explains how custom-made furniture can elevate your interiors. She explains why you should be thinking about the future when choosing statement furniture, even in Dubai.

Think long term

As we are living in a more globalised world with people residing in many different countries during their lives, we all too often buy pieces for ‘right now’, rather than ‘for life’. However, I believe that furniture should be a long-term buy. Ask yourself: ‘Is this piece going to make me feel warm and fuzzy for years to come?’ If the answer is no, chances are it will end up being sold or thrown away in a few years’ time. It’s about investing in something that truly reflects you and your personality, that you’ll never want to part with.

Get exactly what you want

Choosing bespoke furniture means you are able to play a key role in the design of the piece, so you’ll end up with something that speaks to you. It also allows you to decide on the exact size of every element, so it’ll fit perfectly in your space. Plus, if you’re part of the production process, from beginning to end, you will know exactly how your furniture is made and where the materials are from. 

Simple marble table with rattan chair
We love the simple lines of the Meraki table from Custom No.9

Start by deciding on your style

When designing a piece of furniture, you first need to figure out your style. Do this by creating a moodboard with inspirations of what you like. Don’t jump straight in unless you’ve really thought about how it will look in your home. Next, it’s important to consider how that style will fit in with what you already have. At Custom No.9 we’re all about freedom of design. Customers can visit our e-commerce platform, which allows them to design their own piece of furniture online with over 200 variations of style, material and colour to choose from.

Meet with the designer

It’s ideal to have a consultation with the designer, as they will be able to help bring your vision to life. We offer a consultation service, which involves visiting you in your home, taking measurements and discussing your style. This would then lead into mood-boarding, ideation and a 3D render of the piece (or pieces) of furniture in the space. It’s a hands-on process, aiming to guide the customer at the design helm. Next, we provide a full digital 3D colour design of the piece at scale. Production times vary, but you can normally expect the process to take three to four weeks, with bespoke updates being made along the way. 

Side tables from Custom No.9
When designing a piece, choose timeless designs. Side tables from Custom No.9

See samples before you buy

Once you have them, I recommend taking them home to compare against everything else in the space to see how they work with the colours and textures you already have.

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