Coastal interior design defined and how to achieve it in your home

Why taking inspiration from the beach is a good idea when it comes to designing your home

Coastal style arga
Coastal design doesn’t have to be boats and sea animals. Image credit│Sophie Allport

Originating inside breezy beach-front homes across America, the coastal style is an amalgamation of nautical, bohemian, Mediterranean and Hampton’s design. Interior designer Neeshay Nouman from The Niche Corner shares her style notes on taking design inspiration from the beach:

About the style

A coastally decorated home is a well-curated mix of  light, texture and neutral shades, and is instantly recognisable for its obvious ode to the sea.  As it’s a timeless style that ceases to age in a home, anyone can pull off this look. Although, that being said, it does work particularly well in properties close to the beach. What’s nice about this look is that although it’s pretty classic, it’s also versatile and it can be easily mixed up to make it more personal. Here’s how to nail it in your home:

Go ultra-white

Sophie Allport bedroom
Go for bright white paint. Image credit│Sophie Allport

Opt out of a dull yellow-tone and instead go for a vibrant white colour on the walls. Jotun makes the most striking white with grey undertones called ’Skylight’- it is my go-to cool hued shade.

Flooring makes a huge difference

Wooden floors in home
Wooden floors make a big difference. Image credit│Unsplash

Installing wooden floors is sure to bring a coastal feel to your home. Living in a rental property and can’t rip out tiles? Fret not, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) to the rescue! They look like wood, act like wood, but are more cost effective, plus, they’re easier to install and remove. 

Keep it light and breezy

Sea view living room
Let the light in for a coastal feel (even if you don’t have sea views) Image credit│Covet House

Avoid heavy curtains or blinds, and if you really want an option to block the sun, think about installing wooden shutters. For larger windows, stick with neutral, textured sheer curtains so that you can maximise the sunlight coming into your space. 

Shiplap walls

Shiplap walls
Shiplap walls give an instantly coastal feel. Image credit│Unsplash

A simple yet effective way to decorate, shiplap walls layer wood panels to create an interesting feature. Do it yourself or get it applied by the pros. Horizontal or vertical, it looks stunning either way. If you don’t want the commitment of real wood, consider a wallpaper with a shiplap effect – Paper Pop has one.

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