Inside watch-brand Shinola Detroit and Crate and Barrel’s homeware collection

From well-crafted woods to bold patterns, this is why we’re obsessed with the collection

Shinola Detriot and Crate and Barrel
Shinola Detriot use their watch craftmanship to create well-made pieces of furniture. Image credit │Crate & Barrel

What happens when classic watchmakers meet a timeless furniture brand? After seeing the recent collection between Shinola Detroit and Crate and Barrel, we’d say its enduring style that’s built to last.

When Detroit-based watch factory Shinola Detroit teamed up with American-favourite Crate and Barrel, they wanted to create a collection of well-crafted furniture items. Drawing on shared values of each brand, which are craftmanship and quality, the pieces are traditionally made well.


Shinola Detriot and Crate and Barrel
The collection has a predominantly wood focus. Image credit │Crate & Barrel

Those who are familiar with Shinola Detroit might be able to spot their signature curved form within the furniture pieces. The use of metal accents and leather are also a nod to the watches’ timeless settings. Particularly noteworthy is the Runwell Leather and Wood End Table which has a curved shelf beneath, and tray shaped tabletop. For fans of oak, there are a few pieces such as the Utility End Table and Runwell Executive Desk that hold style gravitas.

Bold patterns

Making a bold statement is easy with the collection. Image credit │Crate & Barrel

As described by Shinola Detroit’s website, “bold patterns punctuate the collection and draw inspiration from American quilting”. Using traditional colour palette of muted grey and primary tones, the range features a Colour Moves framed picture and Canfield Striped bed set that evokes an all-American feel.

Artisanal accessories

Crate and Barrel X Shinola
The perfect accessories to compliment the wooden furniture items. Image credit │Crate & Barrel

For the finishing touches, the watch makers dreamed up some hand-crafted style accessories, including vases that are oh so of the moment and candles with rustically beautiful holders. Our favourite is the Shinola Makers White Vase with Handles which has an imperfect form that’s perfect for displaying dried botanicals or freshly cut stems.

Shop the collection online at Crate and Barrel

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