Three reasons Patrick Norguet’s collection for RAK Ceramics is the most stylish sanitaryware on the market

B Living UAE X RAK Ceramics│ What happens when an iconic designer meets one of the world’s top sanitaryware producers? A match made in design heaven

Organic shapes are going to be in style for the foreseeable. Image credit │RAK Ceramics

Those with a penchant for ground-breaking design will know that designer Patrick Norguet has a particularly innovative approach to style. It makes sense, therefore, that when the designer teamed up with RAK Ceramics to create the RAK- Valet collection, he created a unique set of products. With roots in functionality, the pieces are elegant in form and make a strong design statement, here are three reasons we love the collection.

1 It instantly adds style to your bathroom

RAK-Valet collection
The sanitary-ware is ultra stylish. Image credit │RAK Ceramics

The RAK-Valet collection has been designed to be both highly functional and beautiful to look at. So those looking to give their bathroom a stylish upgrade don’t need to do much more than switching out their sanitaryware. Patrick’s idea was to create a synergy between the person and the environment that they exist in. As such, the collection has a focus on round, natural shapes, which instantly add a modern feel.

2 The curved edges are on trend

The RAK-Valet collection is a sleek design choice. Image credit │RAK Ceramics

From the bathtub to the toilets, organic form is the signature look of the collection and we predict it’s a design statement that’s here to stay. While the rounded edges of the RAK-Valet bathtub mean it is distinctive in design, its RAKSOLID material means it’s a product that has been made to last. The toilets share the bathtubs curved lines making them a statement choice when furnishing a bathroom. And each of the basins, whether curved or square, have been designed to add a level of style that exists far beyond just good function. 

3 It’s interchangeable and customisable

The RAK-Valet collection is colour-customisable and interchangeable with the brands other collections which makes designing your dream bathroom easy. In the sanitaryware, choose from matt white or alpine white, and for the bathtubs, you can select from five different colourways, including a bold matt black. Pairing the collection with RAK’s other solutions, such as the timeless RAK-Precious countertops and RAK-Joy vanity solutions furthers the possibility of crafting a bathroom with serious style credentials.

Learn more at rakceramics.com

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