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The new basin your bathroom needs right now

Ideal Standard’s pioneering Solos basin unveiled at Salon del Mobile 2022

If your bathroom is in need for a modern refresh, look no further than Ideal Standard’s Solos basin. Designed by Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard and co-founder of Palomba Serafini Associati, the Solos basin is defined by the purity of its design, combined with the pioneering technologies and state-of-the-art materials the brand is well known for.

A unique integrated combination of fitting and basin, fine, straight lines and extremely thin edges give the basin its distinctive weightless look, while the fully-integrated fitting completes the seamless appearance – the supporting technology (one model features touchless applications) is hidden underneath, so that only the spout and control knob are visible. The basin is made from Diamatec – a unique blend of Alumina and Chamotte – which allows highly complex and challenging designs to be configured, while still delivering unprecedented strength and durability.

Speaking on the product, Roberto Palomba said: “Solos represents the epitome of Ideal Standard’s Singular philosophy, showcasing complete harmony between pure, minimalist design and technical excellence. The seamless integration between the elegant fitting and sophisticated, light basin is possible due to Ideal Standard’s leading expertise with both ceramics and brassware, resulting in a graceful statement piece for the bathroom.”

The solos basin is available in black and white, with a wide selection of fitting options, from simple chrome, to modern matt finishes and premium metallic colours

The solos basin is available in glossy black or white, while the cylindrical or square-shape fittings are offered in modern matt finishes and premium metallic colours.

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