The Art of Security 

Experience the pinnacle of German-designed security and craftsmanship with a HARTMANN TRESORE Signature Safe 

The ultra-strong centrepiece of each German-engineered Signature Safe is meticulously built according to state-of-the-art technology, utilising industrially manufactured, high-strength steel to achieve multi-level penetration protection. The impermeable core is then customised by our master artisans, who bring their close attention to detail and expertise to every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

Through our team of experienced designers, metalworkers, wood shop artisans, and upholsterers, excellence is ensured at every stage, resulting in the embodiment of individuality and security — your belongings are safeguarded by a unique design that reflects your personal style.

Over 160 years of innovative ideas, professional competence, and trusted expertise Competence, and Trusted Expertise.

A modern company with a proud history of traditional craftsmanship in Germany. Founded around 160 years ago as the Hartmann forge and wheelwright’s workshop, founders Christoph Hartmann and Elvira Weidemann went on to specialise in safes back in 1983.  Presently, it boasts an extensive network of six branches throughout Germany, while HARTMANN TRESORE AG has extended its presence to international markets. Its influence now spans across various countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates, providing peace of mind for over 250,000 satisfied customers.  Our safes meet industry standards and are certified and compliant with insurance company requirements, ensuring the ultimate protection for your most valuable treasures.

Jewellery Safes

Protect your valuable possessions in style with our specialised Jewellery Safes, meticulously designed to provide a secure and stylish storage solution for your rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. Combining outstanding security, elegant design, and tailored care, our safes ensure your most precious items and sentimental mementos are protected. With drawers lined in your chosen colour — featuring special compartments for specific jewellery pieces, such as ring racks, necklace compartments, and watch cushions — our safes go beyond mere storage to truly encapsulate the sentimental value of your treasured jewellery. 

Jewellery safes are the epitome of bespoke

Watch Safes

Experience the ultimate in watch protection and customisation with our meticulously designed Watch Safes. Tailored to your individual needs and tastes, our safes feature customisable interiors, including your desired choice and number of automatic watch winders. Discover a certified security solution that not only safeguards your valuable collection, but also reflects your unique style, providing the perfect showcase for your cherished timepieces.

The Watch Safe defines timeless luxury


Safes which are as unique as their owners, our Masterpieces are custom-built, remarkable items for discerning customers who understand security in terms of style and personal taste. Unrecognisable as safes at first glance, each bears its owner’s unique, individual signature and gives an insight into his or her taste and personality. As such, Masterpieces do not follow any rules, only the traits of their owners.  The ‘Egoiste’ safe is an outstanding example, one that could easily serve as an inspiration for the design of your own Masterpiece safe. The work of fashion designer Miklós Schiffer, this oval safe was created with a combination of exquisite wenge wood and cream-coloured, hand-stitched leather. It offers numerous shelves, drawers, and watch winders, providing ample space not only for valuable watches and jewellery, but also for other valuables and special mementoes.  Meticulously crafted in a time-honoured way and artfully designed, a HARTMANN TRESORE safe is a unique combination of safety, style, and desirability. 

The ‘Egoiste’: dreams forged into personal masterpieces

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