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Smart ways to makeover your bathroom

Marko and Cinzia, the brains behind Smart Renovation, talk bathroom makeovers

Marko and Cinzia

What are the key things to consider when planning a bathroom renovation?
The overall layout and your chosen colour scheme are both key. But, before you get into any of that, there are other things that you must take in to account. Firstly, the inconvenience: renovating a bathroom (particularly the master) is a dirty, dusty, and noisy job that requires a team of workers to be a constant presence in your home. Don’t trust those who promise that the job will be done in days – it won’t, it takes weeks, so consider scheduling it for when you are away. Also, don’t trust the underlying condition of your bathroom to simply accommodate the changes you’ll make. Renovating a bathroom means more than changing the sanitaryware and tiles – waterproofing the walls and floor and adapting the piping accordingly is very important.

What is the best type of flooring for a bathroom?
It all depends on the style you’re aiming for, and the overall size of the bathroom. Large slab tiles, in a stone or marble-effect, can look particularly good. We would recommend using marble only if it’s high quality, but it’s very difficult to find in Dubai and is expensive also.

Do you always include a bathtub in your designs, or is a luxurious shower alone a better use of space?
We love to create the feeling of space in a room, but if the size allows for both, then a luxury bathroom always needs a special bathtub.

How do you feel about the new trend of colourful sanitaryware?
We love white but, in some designs, you cannot avoid using coloured sanitaryware. It reminds me of the 70s, when my [Marco] mum, who was also an interior designer, did an amazing bathroom which still looks modern to this day.

How often would you typically renovate a bathroom?
It all depends on the style of bathroom you go for. A classic-style bathroom will look the same for many years. But if you like to follow trends and the bathroom is very fashionable, then it probably needs a change every 5 to ten years, because it will date.

If someone is working to a strict budget, what part of a bathroom renovation do you think is worth investing in, and where can you save?
A Based on the standard of bathrooms in Dubai, sometimes it’s enough to change the lights,
mirror, and marble top to make a big difference.

What should I be looking for when choosing bathroom fixtures?
A Definitely decent quality. Arteco, Bagno Design, and Bianca & Bianco are good places to start your search.

Is it worth renovating a powder room?
The powder room is an area that we love and devote a lot of attention to. It’s a small space where it pays to be creative, a place where your guests judge your style and taste. The powder room is where, as designers, we apply our passion for fashion over pure home design.

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