A look inside the homes of two local interior designer’s at Ramadan and their tips for festive styling

With Ramadan upon us, two Dubai-based interior designers give us a look inside their home share their tips for creating a festive atmosphere at home

Although this year’s celebrations might feel slightly different, we’re determined to make the most of our extra time with family and create Ramadan cheer in our spaces.

Doing the same, Alma Babic-Jimoh from Habitation Design has decorated her home with the effortlessly chic blue colour scheme that runs throughout her house and garden – which you can take a peak inside. While Nisrine Moghraby from Harf Noon Design Studios has gone all out with her table and decorated with regal hues of gold.

So whether you deck the house every Ramadan but are in need some new inspiration or if you save your creative flair purely for the Iftar table, get inspired by the experts:

Inside Alma Babic-Jimoh’s festively trimmed home:

Alma has used subtle touches that match with her homes colour scheme to add a simple, yet elegant Ramadan-ready feel.

Opting for quality over quantity, all of the decorations she uses are timeless that be used year after year.

On her kitchen table, the stars steal the show. Commanding attention but not too much they bring festive cheer while in keeping with her home’s calm and uncluttered feel.

Fresh flowers and fairy lights make for a beautiful centrepiece, especially during the evenings when lit up.

We love the decor that fits perfectly into the home’s wider aesthetic

How to get the look:

Alma shares her top five tips for getting your home dressed for the season:

Get creative

  • Think outside of the box when looking for Ramadan decoration items. It does not need to be the traditional Ramadan lanterns. You can spice up the traditional pieces by painting them to match your colour scheme or mixing them with untraditional pieces such as Christmas balls or a flower wreath.

Keep it simple

Don’t overdo it. Have a clear line in your decoration which should match your interior style and colour scheme. This way it will appear harmonious with the rest of your home.

Make it your own

  • Take this as an opportunity to show your personality, whether you like it bright and loud or minimal and muted – do what sparks joy.

Do it yourself

  • Use the occasion to show off your crafting skills. It can be done by yourself or with your kids. Again, when creating pieces consider where you will place it to choose the right colour scheme and size. Maybe you want to paint some candle holders which you will use when setting your Iftar table or craft a Ramadan calendar for your kids.

Light it up

  • Create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere by adding fairy lights, candles or illuminated stars or lanterns that will be lit up at Iftar time.

A glimpse at Nisrine Moghraby’s Iftar table:

A glamourous feel is achieved with the royal shades of blue and gold as the base colours of the table set-up.

Adding a vibrant pop to the spread, the fresh flowers are the show-stopping moment for the spread, effortlessly adding to the luxurious look and feel.

How to get the look:

Nisrine tells us how to recreate her upmarket spread

Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and materials. On our table we used agate stone, brushed and shiny metals, ceramics, glass and china not forgetting the linen. This is all laid on the beautiful grey treated wooden dining table. The contrasts not only brings visual interest but tactile as well.

Start in the middle

Start with the middle and work my tablescape out. This allows you to map out the spatial area of the table and build it with interesting heights and elements that make the eye travel with ease between them.

Add flowers

Go for a flower arrangement that is glamorous and overflowing with natural beauty and that will compliment the rest of the materials used. In my bouquets there is a lot going on in each flower that it creates a wonderful impact without too much effort and help us break the monotonous colors of the table – thus becoming the show piece of the table.

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