In need of interior inspiration? Meet design expert Yana Rajoub

Harmonious neutrality is infused with client personality in every Yana Rajoub Interiors project, for a truly customised home

UAE-based interior design expert Yana Rajoub draws on a decade of international experience for each new residential project brief, with her creative inspiration influenced by work in Europe, Canada and the US. With boutique offices in Dubai and Miami, her cross-continental approach is evident in her design philosophy. “My design style is defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral  tones to create a stimulating multi-layered sensory experience that juxtaposes textures and materials,” she says. 

Yana’s passion for exploring materiality, colour and different forms embraces both the contemporary and minimalistic, as well as including architectural and organic elements, as she explains: 

“I am trying to bring creativity and a sense of harmony into every space. Together with my team, we focus on creating couture interiors that are multi-faceted and multi-layered, with no detail too small or critical.

“At the heart of my approach is a desire to inject unique personality into a space, building character and a strong design statement that reflects the unique traits of people who live there, yet keeping it functional and balanced.”

Yana’s professional journey spans numerous cultures and experiences and was formative in shaping the recognised harmoniously neutral, modern style evident as a basis in each successful project. Her love for layering breathes life into every client home with customised furniture and artworks her brand signature.

“There are no limits to creativity and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied with the end result; all while delivering on time and for a fair market price,” she adds.

 A turnkey project specialist, Yana’s team expertise starts at the concept stage and moves through every phase of execution and delivery, going beyond residential renovations to include investor, real estate agent, and holiday home portfolio upgrades and restyling projects that aim to increase rental property value.

Yana sums it up succinctly: “We work hard but smart to deliver sophisticated interiors that don’t have to cost the earth, but are guaranteed to look effortlessly luxurious.”

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