Mood lighting: getting the right fixtures for your home

When it comes to achieving the ideal lighting for your home, each room needs its own purposeful fixtures – here’s how to approach getting it right for every space

Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you?

Despite what the amateur decorator might think, there’s nothing to be taken lightly when it comes to lighting up your home; how you choose to illuminate different rooms impacts how you feel and how the space functions. Before you splash out on that must-have modernist lamp or crystal chandelier, put together a lighting plan that considers mood, purpose and fit at different times of the day and night. 

Originak BTC, Fin Grouping, around Dhs5805

Statement lights

When investing in a statement piece for a dining room, consider how it looks when switched off as well as on – it should add atmosphere either way.

Cosy corners

Create a cosy book nook by choosing a space where natural light floods in by day and a freestanding floor or side table reading lamp adds after-dark clarity and ambience.

Less can say more

Subtlety is key if you’re looking to illuminate a themed space. For example, think understated seashell-inspired pendants rather than a clichéd fisherman’s lantern in a nautically styled living room.   

John Cullen Lighting

Getting bathroom lighting right

“In your bathroom, create a spa-like feel by adding different layers of light. This elegant design is emphasised by silhouetting the bath with Lucca uplights, which also catch the shutters emphasising the horizontal struts. Infill light is provided by Aquabeam downlights,” says Sally Storey, creative director, John Cullen Lighting.

Switch the mood

Instantly change the mood of a room and switch on to dimmers. energy efficient and a foolproof way to alter the atmosphere of a room in a heartbeat, turn down the bright white and and crank up those warm inviting tones. 

Festive lights, festive-lights.com

Do it yourself

The simplest lighting solutions are often the most impactful. Get your DIY on and use fairy lights in mason jars for an instant welcoming win or pick up an affordable ready-made   alternative available from any number of local retailers.

Add personality

Layer your lighting, and throw convention out of the window, to mix it up by pairing antique pieces with contemporary fittings for added personality.

Original BTC, Oxford double pendant, around Dhs1118

Night lights

“Say no to cluttered nightstands and replace bedside lamps with hanging pendant lights. Available in an infinite variety of designs and functionality, anchor your sleep sanctuary with some directional style,” says Bowles.

*Prices of products are as per April 2019

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