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How to design your dream kitchen

David McCreath, Design Director for premium German kitchen brand Kaiser, shares six top tips for designing your dream kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen has transformed from functional necessity to a focal point for dining, entertaining, and more. It’s also one of the first priorities for homeowners keen to inject some personality, with an upgrade adding significant value.

An eclectic Kaiser kitchen in Damac Hills

Layout choice drives much of the kitchen design. Fully open kitchens allow for complete integration into an adjacent space, blurring the lines between dining and living. Semi-closed layouts offer some separation and are great for retaining the option for kitchen-based entertainment. A fully closed kitchen keeps the area private and cooking fragrances contained.

We recommend choosing a style that reflects your taste, and not trends, to ensure it’s evergreen. Doors and countertops are the design foundation and come in a variety of colors, materials and compositions. Based on your selection you can integrate trends by dressing the kitchen with decorative, cost-effective elements. 

A sleek grey Kaiser kitchen in Damac Hills

The quality of materials used is equally important, and especially how those materials are manufactured, such as where wood originates from and how it’s treated. Some manufacturers offer both waterproofing and tropicalisation, for example. It is essential to understand the long-term impact of the elements on your choice of material as well as ethical and sustainable sourcing considerations.

A poorly planned kitchen can become a clutter nightmare. Think about what kind of items you reach for more regularly and where they need to be placed when deciding on storage. From supermarket pull-outs to carousels, your kitchen designer will be able to create a set of internal elements that will help you keep your space tidy and functional. 

A modern Kaiser kitchen in the Greens

Appliances are critical to functionality and overall cost. The primary influence in selection is your cooking style. For example, health-conscious cooks will benefit from a steam oven while fans of Asian cuisine will love an integrated wok or teppanyaki grill. Your kitchen designer will be able to customise a set of appliances to meet your needs and budget.

Designing your kitchen is a thrill, but installation can be less than enjoyable if using an inexperienced team. When selecting the kitchen studio to proceed with, enquire about experience and training. Some companies will also have a qualified project manager on board to plan the entire process, manage the team and keep you updated every step of the way.

A contemporary Kaiser kitchen in the Meadows

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