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Elevate your kitchen moments with Teka

Innovative, intuitive and a multi award-winning global market leader, Teka doesn’t just design products, it delivers high-quality experiences

The living centre of every home, your kitchen is a hub for social interaction, culinary experimentation and capturing special moments. With a Teka kitchen, every moment is elevated. We design products to create unique experiences and spaces where day-to-day tasks and activities flow seamlessly thanks to our innovative design expertise and eye for even the smallest detail.

AirFry oven

Our approach to next-generation oven design is focused on adding functionality and value to the everyday. The 71-litre Teka AirFry oven frees up precious countertop space so you can wave goodbye to your traditional air fryer. We integrate the same technology into our FryMaster Box: a special perforated tray that uses SurroundTemp technology to cook food evenly and deliver crisp, healthy family favourite snacks.


Love to barbecue but no time to fire up the grill? The SteakMaster oven is the perfect year-round indoor alternative and uses exclusive 700° SteakGrill technology to perfectly cook your preferred cut of meat or grills burgers in mere minutes. And, unlike a regular outdoor barbecue, this beauty is self-cleaning thanks to its state-of-the-art dual cleaning system.


The same innovation-led design extends to our range of hobs and extractors. For fans of a sleek, minimalist kitchen style, the VarioPro hob series is a fully customisable option that features a choice of induction, vitroceramic, gas and teppanyaki modular units. This is complemented by a countertop-integrated flow-in hood that enhances any uncluttered, open modern kitchen design, In addition to the swift removal of even the strongest cooking odours, the automatic FreshAir function renews the air in your kitchen for a full 24 hours.


After a long day in the office or spent chauffeuring the kids to school and back, a chilled glass of grape is a welcome treat. Wine fridges are all the rage and the latest range of Teka wine coolers has been designed with optimised temperature controls and our signature contemporary design. The Maestro RVU 20046 is a built-in wine cooler that features humidity control, UV ray and light protected tinted glass doors, as well as an anti-vibration system that ensures your fine wine collection is kept in optimum conditions.

In the last two years, Teka has been accoladed around the world, and honoured for its outstanding product design at the European Product Design Awards in10 categories, at the International Design Awards in five categories, and through the GOOD DESIGN Awards Program in a further five categories.

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