Can I take my dog for a walk during Dubai’s 24-hour sterlisation programme?

We now need permits to leave our house for any reason but where does that leave dog walkers?

On Saturday 4th April, Dubai extended its nightly sterlisation programme to last 24-hours for two weeks. This came with the announcement that residents must apply for a permit every time they leave their home, including picking up essential supplies, going to work and receiving medical care. Failure to comply results in a Dhs2000 fine.

On Sunday 5th April, many dog owners were pleased to find there was an ‘other’ option that allowed a manual reason to be written in as to why they were leaving the house. Many people were approved for “dog walking.” However, the following day the option was removed.

In the following days the police updated their information. The following is the most up to date:

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What you need to know about taking your dog for a walk during Dubai’s 24-hour sterilisation program

Are you allowed to take your dog out for a walk over the next two weeks?

Better Living spoke to Dubai Media Office who confirmed dog walking during the sterilisation programme, “is not allowed.” It has also been confirmed in their FAQ’s that dog walking is, “prohibited in all cases.”

Can you take your dog when you walk to the grocery store?

A spokesperson from Dubai Media Office went on to say, “there is an option for walking, to walk to the grocery store but not for general walking with a dog.” It has since been confirmed via Dubai Media Office that you can NOT take your dog along with you as you walk to the supermarket.

Are you able to take your dog outside for five minutes to use the toilet?

Despite contradicting information, it has been confirmed in their FAQ’s that, “it is acceptable but only if it is in front of one’s residence and for no more than ten minutes while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the public safety.” So, yes. You can take your dog outside of your building for ten minutes or less, providing you are wearing a mask.

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