Get a complete home disinfectant service via this app

Residents of Dubai can book a deep cleaning via the Justmop app

Put your mind at ease with a professional home disinfectant process. Photo by Naomi Herbet.

JustMop provide a entire home disinfection procedure that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. UAE residents can simply book a time slot for the service via their app.

Once approved, a team (wearing gloves and masks) will bring a spray machine and cleaning supplies to your home. Using the machine a water-based disinfecting solution is sprayed across the entire home and left to set in for 15-minutes to dissolve into the surface. The hospital grade disinfectant is safe for children and pets as it is non-abrasive to the skin.

Although not necessary, the team can then mop down any areas that are still damp from the product before leaving. The whole process is quick. It takes about 30-minutes to complete a two-bedroom apartment.

During the process, the team suggest leaving all windows and doors closed with the AC turned off. As well as 15-20 minutes after the sanitisation process is completed for best results.

Prices start from Dhs199 for a studio and go up depending on the size of the apartment or villa.

Looking to go chemical free?

Cleaning Company AE use German-made Kärcher steaming technology to sanitise the home using no chemical agents. They disinfect the kitchen area, including utensils, along with the rest of the home.
Prices vary. +971 56 466 0472

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