UAE parents have been getting crafty with their delivery boxes – and here are our favourite creations

UAE residents have been entertaining their kids at home using leftover cardboard boxes to produce hours of fun

The humble cardboard box yields endless creative possibilities

As we’re hunkered down at home and doing most of our shopping online, for a lot of us the cardboard boxes are piling up. Here’s how some local residents have been getting creative with boxes and keeping the kids entertained:

Creating a den from a box

Local resident Pinal turned her box into a reading den for her daughter

Inspiring parents to get creative, grocery delivery service Kibsons recently took to Instagram to encourage their customers to put their delivery boxes to good use.

Abu Dhabi resident, Pinal Negi from the Instagram page Mommy 2 Nanda decided to put her empty cardboard boxes into a reading den for her daughter.

“We have recently started using Kibsons and this box was just so cute to be thrown out. So I thought why not reuse it?” explains Pinal. “Plus, it’s was a great way to keep my daughter happy and occupied during this lockdown period.”

A great way to keep the kids entertained

“It was super easy to convert the box into a house and my daughter loved helping me to make it. All I did was add some Diwali lights to give it a magical touch and the den was ready!” 

Reuse your food packaging

An empty strawberry box becomes a bed for your child’s toys

If you’ve already put out your boxes, why not try creating something with your food packaging? “We also made a puppy bed from an empty strawberry crate,” says Pinal.

But she isn’t the only to take part in the #kibsonsboxchallenge to date. Here are some of our favourites:

Space ship

Food stall

A house

Instead of putting them out for collection during your next delivery, why not spend the day getting creative with your cardboard boxes? If you do, tag us on Instagram at @blivinguae

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