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Daikin Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air To Every Home

Japanese patented technology and 98 years’ experience in delivering high-quality air-conditioning and air purifier systems give Daikin a clear advantage in the home

Everyone deserves to breathe quality air and that’s where Daikin’s decades of expertise give homeowners complete peace of mind.

Anchored by the latest technology from Japan, Daikin air-conditioning (a/c) systems are the ‘smart cooling companion’ that every home needs to have. With a/c units consuming up to 50 percent of your utilities costs, you can recoup significant energy savings thanks to the brand’s use of the latest Inverter and VRV technologies. 

So, if replacing the units in your villa has been on your mind for a while, then getting this done before the long hot summer takes hold should be a priority. Your a/c system comes with a choice of professional smart controller solutions featuring innovative designs and advanced settings to create the perfect climate for your home.

Comfort, durability, efficiency and reliability are the brand promise, so say goodbye to noisy a/c units and fiddly control panels and say hello to a cool new experience supported by professional Daikin expertise and service.

Plus, the Daikin built-in reliability guarantee also means zero downtime as well as improved air quality and comfort.

For asthma and allergy sufferers, and health-conscious individuals, having a clean air environment is critical for long-term health and wellness. 

Daikin air purifier systems minimise symptoms by removing dust particles and pollen from the air and filtering airborne bacteria and viruses. A combination of high-performance electrostatic HEPA filters and Daikin’s patented Flash Streamer technology ensures that each air purifier delivers powerful suction, effective capturing of pollutants, and the efficient decomposition of any harmful trapped substances.

Tests undertaken by the renowned Institut Pasteur de Lille in France confirmed the efficacy of Daikin’s air purifiers in eliminating over 99.98 percent of allergens, dust particles and viruses – including Coronavirus – in just 2½ minutes. This provides an additional, valuable measure of protection in the fight against life-changing respiratory diseases. 

Compact plug-and-play design, odour reduction capabilities, and silent operation benefits come together to make a Daikin air purifier a welcome yet unobtrusive essential in every home.

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