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5 top tips for tidying your kitchen

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Jumeirah Maids to ensure your kitchen is clutter-free and sparkling clean

Get expert help

Before you start organising your kitchen, it’s worth considering a consultation with a tidying expert. We love @tidymess_dxb and @tidywithheidi. These professionals can manage a major transformation while delivering Instagram-worthy results. If you would rather get your own hands dirty but aren’t quite sure where to start, then you could grab a copy of Marie Kondo’s best-selling book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, or its sequel Spark Joy.

Have a clear out

Most of us are all guilty of hoarding all kinds of stuff in our kitchen cupboards. Tins of fruit that expired in 2018, spices you used only once (a decade ago), and numerous packets of almost-empty pasta all have to go, along with any kitchen appliances you haven’t used in the last year. Make sure your storage pots have matching lids and bin those that don’t. Be brutal – the less stuff you have the easier the next steps will be.

Plan in advance

Fail to prepare and you must be prepared to fail! The first prep step is categorising what you have, and working out what your storage requirements are. Keep a tally of how many large, medium and small receptacles you need, ensuring you also make a note of how you want to use them. Large cannisters that allow you to pour cereals straight into bowls can be really useful, and sealable containers that fit snugly into your fridge space will help you to keep things neat. Plan a mixture of storage pots, cannisters and sealable bags according to your own personal needs.


Shop ‘til you drop

Now you have a list of what you need, shopping will be fun. There are lots of great interiors shops to choose from. stocks a great range of classy kitchen products from leading brands, including a great range of silicone storage. The range is stylish and features a lot of ‘OXO’ products which are sustainable, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Buying online is a good tip as you can see the size and area you are working with and measure your spaces if necessary– has a particularly large range of storage pots, and also stocks a plethora of hooks, clips, and labels you will find extremely useful. has very affordable label makers which will smarten your finished look.

Clear the decks

Once you have filled your storage pots and categorised your cutlery, make sure you don’t leave too many items on your surfaces.  Kitchens with clear worktops are much easier to keep clean and sanitized than those with lots of clutter, and once you have enjoyed a visit from the Jumeirah Maids team, it will be very gratifying to admire your sparkling clear worktops.

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